Lucy – Session Ale

3.5% ABV/22 IBU/12 SRM

We’re not here to claim that Lucy tastes like fruits and flowers in grassy meadows, nor are we allowed to suggest that your fantastic taste in fermented beverages will make you immediately irresistible to the opposite sex. We can’t even hint that this mild 3.5% session ale might be enjoyed over and over again until you’re thoroughly sure it’s a fantastic beer…

Ruby – Amber Ale

4.6% ABV/30 IBU/28 SRM

This is Ruby. She needn’t much of an introduction. Behind this label bubbles a balanced brew of earthy simplicity. Ruby pours a creamy burnt-orange and goes down like caramel sunsets would do, if you could bottle them.

Betty – Porter

4.8% ABV/20 IBU/40+ SRM

Meet Betty, a devilishly creamy opposite to the fizzy formulaic norm. This thick porter delivers a soulful melody of flavours that will leave your mouth frothing for more.

Penny – Pale Ale

5% ABV/30 IBU/14 SRM

It’s perplexing to ponder her properties. We could posit she personifies the opposite of the perfunctory pish popularly pandered by corporate profits. We could profess that her perky hops proffer paradise to her possessor, or that her playful fruit permeates the palate in absolutely perfect measure. Perhaps we propose no such ploys and simply proffer the promise of pleasure. Meet Penny.

Poca – American IPA

5.6% ABV/60 IBU/12 SRM

This is Poca, a big American India Pale Ale caught in the cross roads of colonialism and the love of beer. Our probably politically incorrect play on words is just as delicious as the perfect mixture of hops and conquest in this bold and refreshingly international brew.